Switch to select either OPTICAL TOSLINK or COAX input and convert the signal (as is) to both its COAXIAL and OPTICAL TOSLINK output ports. The Digital 2-way audio converter is a Coaxial / Toslink audio converter, compact and convenient. It accepts SPDIF audio signal input through either Coaxial. The SPDIF2AA Toslink/optical SPDIF to RCA audio converter lets you convert a 2-channel digital coaxial or Toslink/optical SPDIF input signal into an RCA analog. Need more coaxial digital inputs on your receiver? Most receivers only have one coaxial digital input but have several optical inputs. This coaxial to. Insignia™ - Optical/Coaxial Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter - Black Rocketfish.

This coaxial to optical converter will allow you to connect the coaxial digital audio output to a Toslink digital optical input. This little converter is very practical, allowing you to transform a Toslink optical SPDIF audio signal into a coaxial one, and vice versa. | Toslink Optical to SPDIF* Digital Coaxial Signal Converter. Designed to bridge the gap between home theater components with different. TosLink (Optical) and Coaxial Bi-directional Converter Audio & Video White, DAC @ LINDY. The UKs leading HDMI Cable, USB Cable and FireWire Cable supplier. 【 · Digital to Analog Audio Converter:Converts Digital Coaxial/Toslink/Optical PCM Audio Signals to Analog L/R Audio and mm Audio Signals Output. · Input. Active D/A and A/D converters for digital SPDIF audio. The conversion is from optical two-link or coaxial RCA connector, to ordinary analog stereo sound via. current price $ Optical Spdif Toslink to Coaxial or Coaxial to Optical Spdif Toslink Digital Audio Converter Adapter. 12 out of 5 Stars. 1 reviews. Add. The signal is transmitted over either a coaxial cable (using RCA or BNC connectors) or a fiber optic cable with TOSLINK connectors. S/PDIF interconnects. Convert freely between TOSLINK (optical) and Digital Coaxial (electrical) forms of SPDIF digital audio. Select the input type, and the converter will output. Convert a Digital Optical Audio signal into a Digital Coaxial Audio signal using this S/PDIF (Toslink®) Digital Optical to Digital Coaxial (RCA) Audio. Optical SPDIF / Coaxial to RCA Analog Audio Converter with mm Output. Part Number: by Parts Express.

Analog L/R to Digital SPDIF Coaxial Coax RCA & Optical Toslink Audio Converter. Optical to Coaxial or Coax to Optical Digital Audio Converter Adapter, Bi-Directional Digital Coaxial to/from SPDIF Optical (Toslink) Audio Signal Converter/. Digital to Analog Audio Converter - 96kHz Optical to RCA with Optical & Power Cable, Digital SPDIF Toslink to Stereo L/R and mm Jack DAC Converter fits. Shop for the M-Audio Co2 S/PDIF Coaxial/Optical Converter and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. EASY TO SETUP - Plug and Play, no need any software and drive. It's able to power this Optical to Coax Converter from Phone Adapter and a USB jack on the TV or. Converts Toslink digital audio signals to Coaxial digital audio signals Switch between either Coaxial or Toslink source to output both formats. Easy to install Atlona AT-AD2 is an Optical/Digital Coaxial 2-Way Converter converts optical to coaxial or coaxial to optical. Supports: two-way conversion. RCA to Digital Coaxial Toslink Optical Audio Converter Adapter. $ Description · Bi-directionally converts digital optical or coaxial SPDIF signals · Supports digital audio up to 24 bit / kHz · Supports LPCM, Dolby Digital &.

Converts digital optical Toslink into electrical coaxial SPDIF signals and vice versa · Inputs: 1x TosLink (Optical), 1x Digital Coaxial (RCA), switchable. The easy-to-install unit converts a TOSLINK digital input to a S/PDIF coaxial digital output and is well suited for home theater, Dolby Digital, and DTS sound. The Digital 2-way audio converter is a Coaxial / Toslink audio converter, compact and accepts S/PDIF audio signal input through either Coaxial. Coaxial RCA to Optical Toslink Digital Audio Converter - SPDIF Converter This coaxial to optical converter will allow you to connect the coaxial digital. If there's noticeable conversion delay, it will be there for both optical and coax. Everything gets re-mashed at the receiver end anyway.

Coax or USB for digital audio

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