Silicon carbide ceramic lined restriction orifice plates resist erosion and wear in erosive services. Highly effective in eliminating valve cavitation. Orifice. In fluid mechanics, an orifice is a plate that is inserted in a line and typically has a round hole in its centre. Orifices are used as fixed throttles. In the matter of design, orifice for flowmeter always designed to flow in a subsonic velocity in order to ensure the accuracy of flow. Precision orifices manufactured by O'Keefe Controls Co. are designed to ensure accurate, repeatable, and exact flow through the orifice. This enables us to help. The prime purpose of paddle type orifice plates is flow measurement using differential pressure to determine the flow. As a fixed geometry device, it is.

Special Features of the orifice plate, flange and annular chamber · Max. operating temperature and pressure limited by material and flange · Suitable for liquid. The typical orifice plate has a concentric, sharp-edged opening. Because of the smaller area, the fluid velocity increases to cause a corresponding decrease in. Noun edit · A mouth or aperture, such as of a tube, pipe, etc.; an opening. the orifice of an artery or vein; the orifice of a wound; the vagina and other. An orifice union contains an orifice plate made of stainless steel between the tailpiece and thread piece of the union. The orifice plate can be bored to. Precision Flow's orifice plates are made of a single piece of material which ensures strength, quality, and longevity of the product. We're capable of building. ORIFICE meaning: a hole or opening and especially one in your body (such as your mouth, ear, nostril, etc.). An orifice is an opening or hole, especially one in your body such as your mouth. [formal]. Orifice plate flow meters are differential pressure sensors for flow rate. Can be used with gases, liquids, corrosive, and high temperature fluids. The orifice flange sets are available in sizes ½” thru 24” and pressure classes up to ANSI class and are primarily supplied as raised face weld neck. Choose from our selection of threaded flow control orifices, push-to-connect flow-control orifices, compression flow-control orifices, and more. Furnace orifices are simple yet necessary for your HVAC system. Use them to allow natural gas to flow through your system.

Synonyms for ORIFICE: aperture, hole, crevice, opening, perforation, slit, fissure, crack; Antonyms of ORIFICE: seal, plug, filling, patch, filler, fill. Orifice definition: an opening or aperture, as of a tube or pipe; a mouthlike opening or hole; mouth; vent. See examples of ORIFICE used in a sentence. An orifice is an opening or a hole, most often in the body, such as your mouth or your nostril. Standard HydraForce cavity forming tools enable the designer to make convenient use of flow-limiting orifice discs, installed immediately under the cartridge. An opening (hole) in a plate, wall, or partition. An orifice flange or plate placed in a pipe consists of a slot or a calibrated circular hole smaller than the. AFT Fathom provides two standard orifice types: sharp-edged and rounded. These loss factors are calculated based on correlations. In addition to the standard. An orifice is an opening, of any size or shape, in a pipe or at the bottom or side wall of a container (water tank, reservoir, etc.), through which fluid is. ORIFICE meaning: 1. an opening or hole, especially one in the body, such as the mouth: 2. an opening or hole. Learn more. A flow control orifice is a method of setting the throughput in a fluid path. In the same principle as a dam in a river, a flow control orifice will restrict.

Orifice plate An orifice plate is a device used to measure the rate of fluid flow. It uses the same principle as a Venturi nozzle, namely Bernoulli's. A “calibrated orifice” refers to a specific type of hole that can provide precise fluid flow control. Examples of household devices that use orifices to control. Orifice definition: An opening, especially to a cavity or passage of the body; a mouth or vent. Replacement Orifice, sccm, Stainless Steel. Abstract. Orifice and nozzle meters utilize the relationship between velocity of a flowing fluid and static pressure to measure flow. As flow area is reduced .

Parker's compact and cost effective Orifice Fittings allow OEMs to pre-set, at the factory, a specified orifice in specific hydraulic tube or hose lines.

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